Thoughts on funerals (again).

CemDisclaimer: These are just thoughts. Please be aware that I am NOT talking about memorials for wars, massacres, the missing etc. These I support wholeheartedly. It’s the frantic obsession over funeral perfection I take issue with- the damage to those left behind.

I work in a call centre for funeral homes, and I can tell you that if the dead are watching over the living, they’re rolling their eyes at the fuss made over them, shaking their heads with worry, desperate to stop the panic and stress that funerals cause.

Seriously, stop hurting yourself with this. We don’t want this upset. Miss me, love me still, but end this havoc you’re causing in your mind. Life is not worth devastating for the dead.Read More »


Environment- focus on the selfish.

Poisoned planet.

There is a big problem with environmental campaigns. Too much of the population are ignorant of the damage that pollution, deforestation and plastic contamination are causing. They need to be shocked out of their complacency when they refuse to step out  of their little bubble of security and wishful thinking. But some people just don’t care. They want to watch as the world goes to the devil.

And this is where environmental campaigns fall flat. They make a global appeal, encourage people to think about the outside world, to save the animals, to save their fellow humans. Never underestimate how little some people would do to help others. A great many people will do what they can, but so many others exist in a bubble of ‘ignore it and maybe it’ll go away,’ or not want to give up their ingrained habits because “why should I?”Read More »

Altar Austerity

Wa2I was brought up in the spare surroundings of a baptist church that was cold no matter what the season. Huge crosses made of steel girders, a building of grey concrete bricks, herringbone parquet flooring, all glass, metal and wood simplicity. There were a few sparsely embroidered banners, candles and holly at Christmas, but nothing elaborate, nothing to distract from the sermon.


GoldCompare that to catholic churches with their saints and religious paintings, their statues, gold and stained glass. The entire aspect seems otherworldly to one brought up in a bare bones faith. I’ve often thought that if I’d been brought up in such a church I might never have left. The imaginative child would never have wanted to leave the world of angels and candlelight. The austerity of the Baptist Church never held anything to love, nothing to hold to but the reproof of deacons and a hypocritical minister.

Full circle: The stark is now preferable to the elaborate.Read More »

Rise of an Atheopagan.

The term ‘Atheopagan’ I first learned from this blog: Atheopaganism, but the basis and principles had been growing in me before I realised there could be a name for it. It was just an idea, a notion of loving mythology and ancient cultures, absorbing the lessons they teach. It was knowing the importance of the planet and power of the cosmos, but seeing it from an entirely scientific and physical- as opposed to supernatural– point of view.

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Building Forts In Eternity by Rachel H.


The ocean of time stretches ahead of us
And we try to create stops on the waves, floating markers
Of our journey into mystery, the void impassable.
The steel-turreted watchtowers rise and we point
Our telescopes across the waves to catch
What may swim to us from eternity.

But the mysterious must stay so. Whales of Truth
Flounder, occasionally, on our shores but under their weight,
Drown in air.
The gulls of thought peck at our consciousness, crying alas.

The Forts are manned by the dumbfounded, too lost
In the emptiness to admit the blankness of their vista.

From land, the sailors and ships of the dead set sail.
The forts, silent, watch the souls glide past, adrift from moorings.